Thursday, 16 February 2012

The Communist Kaserera Manifesto


Why Do I Think This Is Necessary?

I believe students should have a greater say on how their University is run, more information on how decisions are made and details on how the monies they pay (the debts they accrue) is spent.

So What?
If elected, I will aim to create a different style of leadership and representation at Student Union level by introducing a series of measures designed to make the student representative body more accountable, and decision making more transparent.
We Students simply don’t have enough information and its flow whether academic or social needs to be improved.


• Give the students more say

• Restore trust in a student’s union which hardly anyone understands

• Make improvements in the delivery of your education

• Make life easier and create less obstacles in your education

• Do whatever it takes because “We Are The Future”


1) We need weekly workshops, once a month for each campus as there are four campuses. Week 1 PR / Week 2 KP / Week 3 RV / Week 4 KH. The students need to know that if I have any problems there is someone who will do something about it and they need a presence to reassure them. The student body need to know that they are not being asked to vote and then it’s over.

2) We should just ask this one question, who sits on the Students Union board now?

3) We need to get lectures on YouTube for 24-7 reference. We need a university radio station. We need an overhaul of our IT systems, one login - one computer. It really is not necessary to login 3 times before you access studyspace or your emails.

4) We need more buses or maybe we need to sub contract TFL to handle the orbital transport system at Kingston University

5) We are the future. Together!

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Sunday, 29 January 2012

My Letter To The President PrimeMinister

I was lucky enough (or unlucky depending on your persuasion) to meet the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, First Lord of the Treasury, Minister for the Civil Service, Leader of the Conservative Party and MP for Witney [Oxfordshire], The Right Honourable David William Donald Cameron.

Yes I met David and even more alarming (or fascinating depending once again on your persuasion) is that I met him on the Tube. For the uninitiated the "Tube" is the fancy colloquial term used to refer to the London Underground Rail Network or simply The Underground. It is the subway system that transports millions of commuters/tourists/tramps/others (delete as appropriate). All of that against the constant rat race that defines the multicultural mesh of lifeforms that co-exist in London I graced that event to make first contact. We agreed that i would be allowed to ask any number of questions and he would see to it that my thirst would be quenched.

I obviously felt very lucky to get such an awkward opportunity so i circulated an invitation amongst my peers and various literati back at the academy to forward a question of their own and i would choose the ones that were either of particular interest to me or the public at large.

It took from October 2011, when we met, to January 2012 when i received a response somewhat adequate. I choose my words very carefully because the dynamics of politics and current affairs clearly means four months is equatable to four millennia and some of the questions will be severely outdated or rather frankly, irrelevant.
It is also up for debate whether it was really the PM who put pen to paper in order to set his and my path straight... I DONT CARE as i understand it to be the PM himself and will go with that so it better not say anything stupid and in any case like a little tell-a-tale  i have decided the first post on this Blog will be a tabloid style reveal all lol so you better enjoy !

Dear Mr Kaserera

Please find attached a letter from the Prime Minister.

Kind regards
Direct Communications Unit - Prime Minister's Office